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An In-depth Look on Soundtrack Dissonance

Today, I'm going to write about a song, and its accompanying music video. The song is "I'm Not Alone", by Calvin Harris. It'll probably help if you know the video before reading this essay.

I'll let you finish watching that...

The video, as you saw, is about a man who grows up to be a mad scientist, and operates on women to make them dancers, and hopes to animate his lostteddy.

On paper, the concept sounds rather silly. Comical, even. In the video, however, it is sinister, and dark.
Part of this is due to the music. Traditionally, trance is considered to be happy and light, full of dancing. In this video, there is dancing, but the effect is far from happy. It is sinister. This contrasts beautifully with the lightness of the song.

Looking deeper into the song itself, there's a dark undercurrent to it. You have the main melody, which seems light and fluffy, but the backing instruments are decidedly subdued. Harris' voice is perfect for the song, portraying a lonely lyric that brings to mind a maman, alone with only his experiments to keep him company.

The video is a good metaphor for raves. Raves seem like fun, full of dancing and partying. However, bad things happen. Deaths, tainted drugs, dehydration, overhydration, ecstacy, violence. All of these happen at events that on the surface seem like great fun.
Not that I'm saying they're bad.

This leads me to soundtrack dissonance. Done correctly, soundtrack dissonance can create something powerful, as seen in the video. Another fantastic example is in the film Watchmen, where a fight scene was set to "Unforgettable". The scene gained a stronger feeling, one of sadness. A beautiful song set to a disturbing scene can stir powerful emotions. Sadness, regret, terror.

Another form of soundtrack dissonance is setting happy music to terrifying sequences, like the Mickey Mouse March to a massacre. Childhood memories are being affected, leading to thoughts of how things aren't supposed to be like this.

Unfortunately, soundtrack dissonance isn't always handled correctly. When this happens, the scene becomes unintentionally funny, and this is bad.

More people should pay attention to Mr. Harris. He's done it right.
Well, it's been a few days since my last post, because I'm lazy. Short version: I bought a DVD for fifty cents, Star Ocean: Second Evolution is ing great, Bobby friggin' Lashley debuted with TNA, ECW got totally awesome'd up, and I moved into the basement of a friend's house. The basement isn't bad, but on the first night I snored and they moved my couch into the hall. It's a really comfortable couch.

I'd like to talk about illegal downloading of songs, and the greed of the music industry. I'm writing about this because of what I've seen with Metallica. Recently, I learned that MEtallica was the one who attacked Napster. This was the final straw.
You see, four years ago, there was a great wrestling pay-per-view. It was called "ECW: One Night Stand". As the main event of the evening came up, every fanstood on their seat as The Sandman made his entrance. "Enter Sandman" blared through the arena, and the fans started singing along. It was quite possibly the greatest moment of the night.
I got the DVD, and waited for The Sandman. Back then, I didn't know about the entrance. When he entered, some ty, generic music played that sounded vaguely like "Enter Sandman". Since I didn't know how it was supposed to be, I accepted it.
Then, I saw the video of how it looked on PPV, when they played the real music.
Holy .
It sent chills down my spine.
And I, along with others who only saw the DVD, were deprived of this moment because of MEtallica's greed.
They wanted thousands of dollars, PER DVD, just to include that song on there.
So, they had to edit it.

Now, I want to transition to something similar, and that is downloading of music.
Tell me, what is so bad about downloading one song? Why do people freak out?
It's not as though downloading a song will kill the music industry, because they're obviously going strong. If I want to download Dude Love's theme, or Carry On Wayward Son, who cares? It's NOT a big deal. So the artists don't get a dollar. Big deal. There are millions of people still buying CDs, and contributing to their overstuffed pockets. I don't see how one person downloading one song is going to kill the OVERPRICED music industry. Seriously, what the hell.
I know you can download single songs from iTunes, but that's in a protected format, and iTunes doesn't have all the songs I want. I tried buying "I Won't Let The Sun Go Down on Me" by Nik Kershaw, and it wasn't there. I had to deal with a crap cover and a good techno mix.

But really, readers.
Tell me.
What's so bad about downloading a song?

Acceleration Sucks

Acceleration is finishing the school year early so I can move. And I have just found out that it SUCKS. I have a load of Health chapter reviews to do, and three chapters in math, and a ton of PHotoshop projects, and God knows what else. And I have to do those all in a month! ARGH.

Ah well. Nothing I can do but push on through. I'm sure everything will work out.

The WWE supplemental draft is going on as I type this. I'm glad ECW is getting raped. It's turning out to be really...interesting. MAny tag teams are being split, but others aren't. It's pretty crazy.

I'm staying in a hotel-type thing. TLF (Temporary lodging facility). I'm staying here til Saturday. Then, I'll move into Ms. MArnee's basement. This is all so confusing.

Despite all this, I'm not unhappy. Friday is a day off but I'm still going to school to work on Acceleration, which is great. No, really. I'll be able o work in a nice quiet place on a computer and relax while doing my homework.

My parents are arguing about the use of our one car right now. Mum is dead-set on going to the gym in the morning. Gah, everyone's stressed.

Nothing else interesting really happened today.

Hope everyone else is happy too C:

Seeya later.
So, I'm sitting here inside the house of one of my parents' friends, because I have to spend the night there. She's taking her mother-in-law to the airport, and the kids can't be alone.

Today was OK, I guess. Nothing really stood out. Alec left us, which makes me sad. I'm going to miss him.
(For the uninitiated, Alec Gonzales is a leader for the youth group I go to and one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He's moving to California)

The other day they killed off my favorite character in Monk. I cried at the end ;_;

The WWE Draft was good. Smackdown got good stars, and ECW didn't get raped.
At least, not yet. There's always the supplemental draft, like last year when we lost both Kofi Kingston adn Shelton Benjamin *Sigh*
We'd better not lose Bourne or Christian or Morrison.

I hope I can sleep tonight.

Bye, guys.

P.S. Does anyone really read this? Judging by the amount of comments...no.

April 13th - Disappointment and Accidents

Hey all
Today would have been pretty decent, but I dunno. Shit happened, I guess.
The day was pretty good. Something funny happened after school. I followed a friend to the locker room. In the locker rooms, there's a door that leads to a neutral room in between the girls and boys locker room called the Team Room. Anyway, it's normally locked so guys don't go into the girls locker room. I kicked it, and it swung open, revealing girls in various states of undress.
It was pretty hilarious.
Then, I talked to some bald kid who said he'd think about trading PSPs with me. His is already hacked and everything, so it'd be really useful.
I went home, went to the gym, ate pizza...
Then, I made the mistake of telling Mum about the PSP thing, and she was not happy. I have been forbidden to trade with anyone, but I can still trade it in when I go to the States.
So, I have to buy a Pandora battery and figure out how to make the Magic Memory Stick, AND trade in my PSP for a fat one. All of this hassle and fifty dollars could have been saved if Mum wasn't so stupid.
Then again, maybe the bald kid wouldn't have traded with me. He said he'd think about it.

I'm just angry.

Things with me and Emily haven't been going very well. She doesn't seem to like me much anymore. I talked to my friend Ashton about it, and she said things like that happen.
I just wish they didn't have to.

My day wasn't all that bad, but I'm annoyed.
And no one is online right now. Stupid time difference.

To top it all off, my nose keeps bleeding.

Stupid world.
Stupid grammatically incorrect blog entry.
I'm not going to bother proofreading it.

WWE Draft tonight. I'll have to check the results once I get up. It looks like Randy Orton's moving to Smackdown, which means Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase may be going with him. I just want to see who ECW gets, and if it gets raped again like last year.

Whenever I go to Wrestlezone, my computer likes to freeze when viewing certain topics.

So, in summary: I'm annoyed.

Good night.








Alone oon a Saturday...

Hey all.
My parents left like three hours ago to go to a few things. Going away parties for them, really. I could've come but I didn't want to.

Both ECW and Smackdown effing ruled this week, which makes up for the pretty bad weeks they've BEEN having.
It was awesome that both Kofi Kingston (<3) and Santino Marella showed up on Smackdown, since they both rule. As for ECW, Tiffany doesn't seem to be such a bad GM.

I'm alone in this house with nothingbut silence around me. Maybe I'll put on some music.
Yeah, that's better.

Nothing else to say, really...

Seeya lata mah docsicles.

Hey hey hey, I actually updated today!

Last night I had the strangest dream. I sailed away to China, in a little rowboat to find ya. You said you had to do your laundry.

It has been a rather long time since I've updated. I'm not arsed to check. Someone else can do that for me if anyone really wants to know.
I only started updating again because people on TLS are putting links to their LJs in their sig. I thought "Well hey, I have one. I don't want to put the link in there since I haven't updated in a really long time, so I might as well update" and yeah.

I've noticed that my grasp of grammar seems to slip away when I type. How strange.

So, I've been having a good spring break.  The first few days, we went to Germany. I ejoyed being there, but I wasn't really enjoying the vacation because I was stressed out about something, but all is fine now.
The way my English teacher talks, you'd think that if you Google your name, you're going to find all sorts of horrible things about you. I Googled my name in different forms (Matthew Jessup Aviano, Matthew James Jessup, etc.) and found NOTHING interesting. Most of the stuff I find have nothing to do with me.
I'm at a parents' friends house, dogsitting. I'm not entirely sure I'm supposed to be on this computer, but whatever. It wasn't locked.

I talked to a guy on YouTube who is awesome at making YTPMVs, and he said he'd turn the Massive Piece of Wood/Ron Simmons video into a YTPMV! I was very happy.

My journal entries meander.  I'm not one for focusing all my ideas into one long piece. Even when I write stuff, my fics/stories are usually short.

So, uh, wrestling time.
Here's hoping Kofi Kingston gets moved back to ECW in the draft on Monday.

Ehhh....Got nothing else to saay.

Have a great day, docsicles.

...Yeah, I said "docsicles". That's your new name, readers.


Huh. It's been a while.

Now, I'm sure you're all wondering why I have chosen Shelly for this pic. no? Well fuck you too.
Of course, I'm not being serious.
I'm using Shelly because Ethed BETRAYED MEEEEE.
You know what would make me feel better? A pun describing how sad I am!
Don't bee a Moron, support KristoVi!


Well, I'm just here to update you allon what's been going on in my life. 
First off, I've written my own KristoVi fic:

Secondly, I've read this fic by Soramimi Cake, and it made me cry.
Read it. Trust me, you don't want to miss it.

Thirdly, I finally got off my arse and started updating my deviantART.
Eventually Ill have a few drawings up there...eventually.

Fianlly, Gant has become one of my favorite characters. Not just Rapist Gant. I mean, the REAL Gant as well! So, I made this sig with an awesome Gant pic I found.

...I think I love GIMP.

Writer's Block: My Guilty Pleasure

What's your guilty pleasure?
Friday Night Smackdown! ...And the cuteness that is Kyoudoroki.