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April 13th - Disappointment and Accidents

Hey all
Today would have been pretty decent, but I dunno. Shit happened, I guess.
The day was pretty good. Something funny happened after school. I followed a friend to the locker room. In the locker rooms, there's a door that leads to a neutral room in between the girls and boys locker room called the Team Room. Anyway, it's normally locked so guys don't go into the girls locker room. I kicked it, and it swung open, revealing girls in various states of undress.
It was pretty hilarious.
Then, I talked to some bald kid who said he'd think about trading PSPs with me. His is already hacked and everything, so it'd be really useful.
I went home, went to the gym, ate pizza...
Then, I made the mistake of telling Mum about the PSP thing, and she was not happy. I have been forbidden to trade with anyone, but I can still trade it in when I go to the States.
So, I have to buy a Pandora battery and figure out how to make the Magic Memory Stick, AND trade in my PSP for a fat one. All of this hassle and fifty dollars could have been saved if Mum wasn't so stupid.
Then again, maybe the bald kid wouldn't have traded with me. He said he'd think about it.

I'm just angry.

Things with me and Emily haven't been going very well. She doesn't seem to like me much anymore. I talked to my friend Ashton about it, and she said things like that happen.
I just wish they didn't have to.

My day wasn't all that bad, but I'm annoyed.
And no one is online right now. Stupid time difference.

To top it all off, my nose keeps bleeding.

Stupid world.
Stupid grammatically incorrect blog entry.
I'm not going to bother proofreading it.

WWE Draft tonight. I'll have to check the results once I get up. It looks like Randy Orton's moving to Smackdown, which means Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase may be going with him. I just want to see who ECW gets, and if it gets raped again like last year.

Whenever I go to Wrestlezone, my computer likes to freeze when viewing certain topics.

So, in summary: I'm annoyed.

Good night.