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Acceleration Sucks

Acceleration is finishing the school year early so I can move. And I have just found out that it SUCKS. I have a load of Health chapter reviews to do, and three chapters in math, and a ton of PHotoshop projects, and God knows what else. And I have to do those all in a month! ARGH.

Ah well. Nothing I can do but push on through. I'm sure everything will work out.

The WWE supplemental draft is going on as I type this. I'm glad ECW is getting raped. It's turning out to be really...interesting. MAny tag teams are being split, but others aren't. It's pretty crazy.

I'm staying in a hotel-type thing. TLF (Temporary lodging facility). I'm staying here til Saturday. Then, I'll move into Ms. MArnee's basement. This is all so confusing.

Despite all this, I'm not unhappy. Friday is a day off but I'm still going to school to work on Acceleration, which is great. No, really. I'll be able o work in a nice quiet place on a computer and relax while doing my homework.

My parents are arguing about the use of our one car right now. Mum is dead-set on going to the gym in the morning. Gah, everyone's stressed.

Nothing else interesting really happened today.

Hope everyone else is happy too C:

Seeya later.